Spread The Game

Pick football spreads with your friends.

What is Spread the Game?

Spread the Game is a tournament style game you play with your friends. It’s similar to fantasy sports, but instead of picking players, you pick the games.

How does Spread the Game work?

You and your friends pick whatever spreads you want for a full season (16 for football; 82 for basketball). At the end of the regular season, your records against the spread determine your seeding for the playoffs. In the playoffs, the higher seeds get first pick of the spread, and once a spread is picked, it’s closed off to anyone else.

Which spreads can you bet?

The spreads on the site are updated regularly, however the one that matters is the spread when you lock in your pick.

In the regular season, all spreads are open to every player: any spread you want, whenever you want.

In the playoffs the highest seed gets to pick first. Once that pick is made, that spread is closed off to anyone else. Next highest seed picks, and so on.

How many spreads can you bet?

The regular season is 82 games in NBA and 16 games in the NFL.

How do the playoffs work?

In the playoffs, players compete directly with each other with their picks. The top seed is paired with the lowest, just like in the leagues themselves. The top seed overall gets first pick, second seed gets second pick, and so on.

You compete against your opposing seed (e.g. 1 vs. 8).